Roofs restored: Restoring Hope During the Holidays

December 20, 2021
It's been two hard years for everyone in our community and it's our second pandemic-Christmas. With so many additional stressors this time of year and so much going on in peoples' lives, Roofs Restored tried to do our part to take away some of the problems that we can control.

Imagine this scene... It's Christmas 2020 and your five kids and your wife all catch Covid. And guess what? So do you! That was the Broussards' story last Christmas. Needless to say, everyone wasn't running to the tree that Christmas morning. Fast forward almost a year and this Christmas looks like it will be better, until hurricane Ida ruins the Broussards' roof, along with thousands of others. Insurance is taking a long time to process the claim, and no roofer seems to be able to finish the roof in time for Christmas. It looks like 2021 will also end on a stressful note for the Broussards.

That's where Roofs Restored was able to help. And not only the Broussards, but many, many others families just like them. We are blessed to have numerous trusted roofing crews and our own material supply chain. We were able to get their roof on in under four weeks versus the projected months from other roofing contractors. It's the difference between being able to enjoy the Holidays versus having another stressful end to a stressful year.
We knew we needed a new roof and gutters right after the storm but had no idea who to call. Thankfully, our good friends, the Clement Family, referred us to Roof Restored. It only took four weeks from our first appointment to the completion of our roof and gutters! They even hung our Christmas lights, which made my wife and kids so happy. Since then, they completed both my dad’s and grandfather’s roof and many of my neighbors and friends.

- Travis Broussard
You can help spread the word and also make the difference the Broussards needed this year. The Broussards were referred to Roofs Restored via the referral app by their good friends, The Clements, who also had their roof replaced by Roofs Restored. The Clements immediately downloaded our app and started referring MANY of their family and friends to us. A few months later and The Clements' Christmas was more than paid for, thanks to cash rewards they earned with their referrals.
We are so pleased with Roofs Restored and the excellent job they did on our full roof replacement. We wanted to share our experience with all our friends, neighbors, and families. The best part is that Roofs Restored even made that part easy for us. We downloaded the Roofs Restored app, entered in dozens of referrals right away. Those referrals all got amazing new roofs and Roofs Restored paid us for each referral.

- Tina Clement
Join us and become part of the positive change we are making within the roofing industry. Have a happy and blessed Christmas from the Roofs Restored family to yours.